Company Profile:

Found in 1960 by M. Ghassan Qallaa as a textile and lingerie production & trading company, along with trading of cosmetics, perfumes and clothing in general.

In 1998, an expansion was made to create Qallaa Trading Company (QTC), formed by Leila Qallaa, Tawfiq Qallaa and Issam Qallaa. QTC's goal was to import and distribute glasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, multi-purpose solution and all accessories related to optics market.

Currently, QTC is a leading company in the optics market in Syria both as an importer and producer of different labels. In 2003, a new addition joined the group: Al Amal Drug Store (ADS) started operating. Run by Tawfiq Qallaa, ADS became a hard to beat player in the pharmaceuticals distribution scene in Syria.

The name Qalito was chosen for the group, to sum the activities of trading companies with a very good reputation and strong presence in both Syria and Lebanon.